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"Marshmellow Fudgesicle"


The world's perfect pony, what Fudge lacked in size he made up for in heart. Fudge was Tori's first competition pony, and she will always remember him for his kind spirit, patience and fondness for jumping her out of the dressage ring.




The first horse she officially owned, Amber took Tori all the way through her first recognized training level. Hot but safe, Amber proved that age was just a number, competing with Tori well into her twenties before retiring with her at Penmerryl Farm.


"The Wonder Pony"


Rescued from a kill truck, Tori and Rootbeer immediately had a special bond. Though both only 3 years old when they first met, Tori and Rootbeer established a partnership that would last a lifetime. Happily retired at Penmerryl farm, Rootbeer still enjoys eating, mud and most importantly, spending time with Tori




When it came to learning the upper levels of eventing, Tori could not have asked for a better teacher than Ike. Despite a unique jump and all around apathy for the sandbox, Ike was a cross country machine and always gave Tori confidence as she galloped down to the big fences. Now retired from upper level competition, Ike is a key member of the Dragonfly Eventing where he loves teaching new people the ropes.




Owned by Sally Nunneley, Ivy helped Tori make the transition from ponies to horses and carried her from her first recognized all the way through novice. Still going strong at 30, Ivy is happily enjoying his retirement with Sally and Tori at Penmerryl Farm.

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