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May 22, 2016

Another great weekend enjoying the updated facilities at Cedar Creek Stables!


  • Dragon won both Preliminary A & B, finishing in the low 30s

  • Bella made her training level debut, finishing first in Training 1 and 3rd in Training 2 with four 9s! This talented mare is available for sale

  • Bree, another of our talented sales horses also brought home the blue, winning her training test with a 66%

What a fun show and a great opportunity to let some of these babies really shine! Looking forward to the rest of the spring with these talented horses.

May 9, 2016

Congratulations to Tori and Dragon for completing the Heart of the Carolina's classic three day event in 7th place and winning "Best Conditioned horse"


From Tori:


"This horse gives me all he has and more, and today was no exception to that! We had an awesome clear show jumping round to finish the weekend in 7th (Fun fact- we had the same number and placing as Lor last year!). To top it all off, we won Best Conditioned! My horse is a rockstar! Thank you for Southern 8ths farm for putting on such an amazing event- Be prepared for a ton of pictures to follow..."


Dragon is enjoying his (well deserved) rest this week, but both he and Tori are looking forward to keeping this momentum, getting back in the saddle and coming out at prelim for the rest of the season!


Thanks to all of the sponsors, friends and support at home for making all of this possible- we couldn't do it without each and every one of you.

A super start to the season at Penmerryl horse trials! Not a dressage score above 30 for Tori on all 6 horses! 5 firsts and 1 second!


  • Dragon scored a 27.3, and a confident showjump to win the prelim combined test

  • Lor won the training Ht with a 22.1 in dressage, and 3 great jumping phases.

  • Carl made his beginner novice debut, with a 29.0 in dressage and a good showjump to win the combined test

  • Bella scored a 29.2 on beginner novice test A and had a bold jumping round to finish second in the Advanced green combined test.

  • Bree scored a 27.5 with a super confident showjumping round to win the green combined test.

  • Alison O’Connor’s ‘Max’ made his horse trial debut to win the green horse trial on his dressage score of a 25


So proud of all of these wonderful horses- a huge thank you to all of the owners and supporters to Dragonfly Eventing who make this all possible

April 5, 2016

Carl pictured making BN look ridiculously easy!

March 30, 2016

We couldn't have asked for a better day for XC!

A fabulous weekend of cross country schooling and competing at the Virginia Horse Center! All of the ponies were fantastic schooling on Saturday and happy to get out, and we had a great competition on Sunday at the Starter Trials.


  • Dragon finished 2nd in the Prelim starter trials with a super cross country

  • Lor finshed 3rd in a competitive training horse trial division

  • Carl placed 2nd in the BN combined test

  • Alison Oconnors Max placed 5th in his Advanced Green move up.


All of us here at Dragonfly Eventing are definintely getting excited about the eventing season!


Awesome day at the Spy Coast Young Horse Show. Barron was 3rd in the 3 year old in hand and at liberty and 2nd in the free jump. This impressive guy is for sale and is going to make someone a top horse! He even won some prize money!

April 3, 2016

Feb 21, 2016

Baby Carl tackling the scary barrels (don't worry, they were flagged both ways!)

A fabulous day at the Eventing In Virginia Jumper Derby. Tori rode 8 horses for a total of 24 jumping rounds, with most of the horses moving up to a new level for the first time.


  • Barron made his show debut witg a 1st, 3rd and 4th

  • Bree and widget competed in the green with all top 4 placings

  • Widget placed Reserve champion

  • Carl and Bella made their advanced green debut with great results

  • Astro finished BN champion

  • Lor had great training rounds finishing 1st and 3rd

  • Dragon jumped two clear preliminary rounds for two blues.


We are all getting very excited about the 2016 season!

Nothing like a jumper derby to beat the winter blues and start out the competition year! Everyone was fantastic, despite the cold weather!


  • Dragon finished champion with two 1sts, and a 3rd

  • Lor finished reserve champion with a 1st and 3rd

  • Carl made his show debut to finish green champion with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

  • Bella placed 2nd and 6 th in green

  • Bree finished reserve champion With a 1st and two thirds


So lucky to have such talented horses to ride this year. Don't forget, many of these guys are available for sale- check out our page for how to make one of these amazing horses your own!

Jan 17, 2016

December 2015

A wonderful evening at the VA Dressage Association chapter year end awards.

  • Champion -Bree

  • Res. Champion -Bella

  • 3rd - CCS Galadriel...

Unlicensed shows

  • 1st level chamption- CCS Boromir

  • 2nd level champion- Dragonfly

Licensed shows

  • 1st level 3rd place- CCS Boromir

  • 2nd level 3rd- Dragonfly


So incredibly proud of all of these talented and amazing horses!

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