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We have an exciting year lined up for all of the horses with a great balance of many different disciplines. Feel free to stop by and say hello to the Dragonfly team and horses if you are at any of the following events, or contact Tori for coaching and warm-up assistance. We look forward to seeing all of you there!

Eventing in Virginia Series

USDF recognized competition

FEI recognized competition

USEA Recognized Event

                        2016 Calendar

                                                                                                   (Schedule subject to change)


February 20- Jumper Derby & Intercollegiate team challenge@ Virginia Horse Center


March 12 & 13- Stephen Bradley Clinic @ Penmerryl Farm


April 2 Maury River Hunter Pace @ Virginia Horse Center


April 9 & 10- Penmerryl Open XC Schooling, Horse Trials & Intercollegiate Team Challenge


April 24- Maury River Hunter Trials @ Penmerryl Farm


May 4-8: Heart of the Carolinas Long Format 3 day event


May 14 & 15- Oakdale XC Schooling, Fix a tests, HT and Dressage Show


May 22- Toad Hollow Combined Test, Dressage Show & Intercollegiate Team Challenge


June 4 & 5- Cedar Creek Horse Trials, XC schooling Combined Test & Dressage Show



June 21 & 23- Eventing Camp with Eric Smiley, Stephen Bradley & Sharon White@ Penmerryl Farm


June 25 & 26- Wavertree Hall Open XC Schooling & Horse Trials


July 23-Brookhill Jumper Derby


August 19 & 20- Daniel Stewart Clinic at Penmerryl Farm


August 20 & 21- Penmerryl Open XC Schooling & Summer Horse Trials


September 3- Maury River Hunter Pace @ Virginia Horse Center


September 17 -Penmerryl Hunter Pace @ Penmerryl Farm


September 24 & 25 -Cedar Creek XC schooling, fix a test, HT & Dressage show


October 1 & 2-Oakdale XC schooling, Fix a Tests, HT & Dressage show


October 8 & 9- Wavertree Hall, XC schooling, Horse Trials & Intercollegiate Team Challenge


October 22 & 23- Chapel Springs Open XC Schooling, Horse Trials & Intercollegiate Team Challenge


November 12 & 13-Penmerryl Farm Fall Horse Trials, Open XC Schooling & Intercollegiate Team Challenge


December 10- 2nd Annual Holiday Craft and Tack sale @ Penmerryl Farm

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