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The namesake of Dragonfly Eventing, Dragon is Tori's once in a lifetime horse. Tori first met Dragon as a teenager when he came in to her mother's training and sales program and the connection was immediate. Although quirky, Dragon has a huge heart and has excelled under Tori. Though sidelined for part of last year with EPM, he is back and better than ever. Watch out for the two of them as they look to tackle their first FEI event this year!




With his unique coloring, large size and puppy dog personality, Lor is a fan favorite- attracting attention wherever he goes. Locally bred by Melyni Worth of Cedar Creek stables, Lor showed a natural talent for eventing. Under Tori he has gone from his first green to completing a training level three day in less than two years, and the sky is the limit for this sweet boy. Watch as Tori and Lor attempt their preliminary debut later this year.




Originally owned by advanced level eventer Jeff Kibbie, Carl came into Penmerryl farm as a prospect for Tori's mother Gammon who asked Tori to leg him up a bit over the winter. However, after a few rides on this lanky OTTB, Tori is not sure she is going to give him back! This leggy bay looks forward to learning every day, excels in cross country and has already completed his first BN. We are looking for exciting things from his this season.




Owned by Alison O'Connor, this young Morgan gelding was brought to Tori for training. He has since shown quite a knack for eventing, and has just completed his first unrecognized competition. Tori is looking forward to continuing his training and working with Max and Alison to decide where he wants to go next.

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